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Insights from TES Survey Finds that Company Culture Eats Everything For Breakfast

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast,"

– Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker was credited with the expression ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’, however our recent survey of event industry professionals tells us that company culture not only eats strategy but also eats job location, pay and the events themselves. 

When asked ‘what is the most critical factor in your next event industry job?’ over 80% of Turnkey Event Solutions (TES) Survey respondents picked company culture ahead of job location, salary and the events/products.

In the landscape of the event industry, success isn't solely determined by strategic planning or financial prowess. Rather, it's the often intangible yet immensely influential factor of company culture that reigns supreme. 

What is Company Culture?

Company culture can’t be defined in a singular definition. Company culture is made up of more than just the workplace’s core values and policies. At its core, company culture encompasses the shared values, beliefs, and behaviours that define the essence of an organisation. 

It's the invisible thread that weaves together the fabric of a workplace, shaping interactions, decisions, and ultimately, the overall employee experience. From the way team members collaborate to the approach towards innovation and customer service, company culture affects every aspect of organisational life. 

What Makes Company Culture so Important?

Through the work we do at TES, we know that executive teams are seriously struggling with how best to strengthen their company cultures in a post Covid world where work practices and employee expectations have changed. Yet, company culture is the number one factor that prospective employees are placing ahead of all others. 

Imagine a workplace where you don’t feel appreciated, included, welcomed, heard or even safe. The average person spends about a third of their lives at work – the impact from so many years of working in such an environment would have on your wellbeing is significant, and it has a ripple effect on other aspects of your life. 

Company culture extends beyond how included or connected employees feel, it increases their engagement and motivation. Employees are comfortable and happier, leading to so many business benefits including higher participation, increased productivity, less absenteeism and positive reputation.

A thriving culture not only fosters employee engagement and loyalty but also serves as a powerful differentiator in attracting top-tier talent. Moreover, a robust company culture acts as a catalyst for innovation, driving organisational agility and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

The Impact of Company Culture

The influence of company culture extends far beyond the confines of the workplace, spreading into the personal lives of employees and shaping their overall well-being. A positive culture cultivates a sense of belonging and purpose, empowering individuals to thrive professionally and personally. 

Conversely, a toxic or dysfunctional culture can have detrimental effects on employee morale, productivity, and mental health, leading to high turnover rates and diminished organisational performance.

How Can I Contribute to Company Culture?

While company culture is often shaped by leadership and organisational practices, every individual within an organisation plays a significant role in tending to and sustaining a positive cultural environment. Whether it's through acts of kindness, collaboration, or constructive feedback, each employee contributes to the environment of the workplace. By embodying the values and principles of the company culture, employees can actively contribute to a vibrant and inclusive organisational culture.

Tips on how to sense check a company culture

  • Check if your workplace’s values align with yours. 

  • Your workplace should be considered like another home. Even though work is, obviously, for working, it’s undeniably a place where we spend an extremely large amount of our time. 

  • How does being in the workplace make you feel as a gut instinct?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable? Are the employees there considerate to each other? Do you think they work as a team?

  • How do the managers interact with employees?

  • Is it open and honest? Are they approachable? Do they hear their employees and listen to them?

Contribute to the improvement of your work-life quality by contributing to the work-life quality of those around you. Even 1% makes a difference. Say hi to the coworker you usually pass in the elevator. Check in if you notice that someone may not be alright today. The smallest interactions lay the foundations to a healthy, vibrant environment. 


As the cornerstone of organisational success, company culture serves as a guiding force that shapes the trajectory of businesses not just within the event industry, but within every industry. 

At TES, we recognise the pivotal role of company culture in driving organisational excellence, and we remain committed to empowering our clients to build cultures that inspire, engage, and propel their businesses towards new heights. 

If you’d like to learn more about the services TES can provide you in relation to the development of your company culture then please get in touch today.

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